Our greatest Wealth is Health


Who else agrees with this statement?!  

I have spent most of my career working with very sick people.  The stories that I hear are heartbreaking.  

People who have lost very successful jobs (even though they were very good at them) because either when they returned to work, their employers were looking for any mistake as an excuse to fire them.  Or, they had to step down due to the physical or emotional demands of the job they could no longer handle.  

Our health is not something we should take for granted.  Women, WE.ARE.THE.WORST!!!!  We put our kids first, our husbands first, our jobs first!  We make excuses and feel guilty about taking 45 minutes to work out.  Or to spend money on ourselves. 

What’s always so interesting to me is that we all have cars that get us from point A to B.  If our car breaks, we do not have a conversation about whether or not we can afford to fix it.  We have to have it to get us back and forth from work.  We have to have a car.  The conversation is more about what are we going to do to get this fixed asap!  Even though we could always take public transportation, hitch a ride with a friend, we prioritize getting our car fixed.  

And yet, when it comes to our health, we get the privilege of living in our one and only body.  No other options available.  When it can no longer take us to work, we must stay home.  When we are stripped of our health, we are stripped of happiness, our relationships are impacted, our quality of life goes down the drain!  Such a huge impact on our life!  So, why is the conversation about prioritizing our health so different?  Why is it negotiable?  

So, if you have been putting off making changes with your health, I challenge you today!  Invest in your health… Time, Money, Love, Persistence, Dedication!  It’s ok to prioritize your health…  And, even better, make it NON-NEGOTIABLE!!! 


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