Creating health freedom through our affordable Functional Medicine Membership Program.

Our client membership program offers a personalized, whole-person approach to address your health needs.


Our mission is clear & simple

It’s time to change the face of our current, outdated healthcare model.
DNA Doc is on a mission to drive the change of our nation’s health by offering affordable functional medicine services to all!  We believe you must address the whole person, both mentally and physically, while balancing health with happiness to drive sustainable results that will last a lifetime.  Treating the root of the problem rather than managing symptoms with quick fixes. 


About DNA Doc

Dr. Lesley Allen, aka the DNA Doc,
Has been passionate about functional medicine for over 10 years. After being diagnosed with autoimmunity and seeing the devastating results of the Western diet and the limitations of the current medical model, she began a pursuit to help herself and her patients recover from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain conditions.

The DNA Doc’s mission is to make functional medicine affordable for everyone.

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Omega Best

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