How to Gain Flexibility Safely

How to gain flexibility safely pic

I have heard a variance of this phrase over the years in many yoga and fitness classes, “Find your limit and push further!” Over this time as I was learning more about the human body and the mind through physical therapy and yoga, I slowly stopped listening to these messages and instead paid more attention to my own body’s signals. And I’ve been happier and healthier for it.

A favorite phrase of mine…. “What you resist, persists” lends itself perfectly to this conversation. If you over stretch a tight muscle, it simply fights back and tightens harder, or another part of your body gives when it shouldn’t. But, if you find a place where you can touch the edge of the tightness and breath gently, the body will relax into this new alignment.

To make this easy in class or on your own – use props! Use blankets, blocks, straps to adjust to your own unique body and flexibility. You’ll ultimately get more from the pose if you don’t strain, hold your breath, or compensate with a different region of the body.

Lasting change happens over time. Respect yourself and don’t try to force your body into something it isn’t ready for!


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