Growth Through Suffering

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“Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower of happiness grow. There can be no lotus flower without the mud.” -THICH NHAT HANH”

Repeat that statement to yourself at least one more time.

We spend so much time avoiding the inevitable pain that is inherent upon our existence as human beings on this planet. What if you looked at your physical pain or your emotional pain as a way your body is attempting to communicate with you? Imagine that your spouse, your child, your parents were the ones trying to talk to you…. What would happen if you continue to ignore their cries for attention? Your relationships would suffer tremendously, of course!

Now your pain…. It’s simply the only way that your body can communicate with you. Are you listening? Are you giving it space to express itself? Only then, can you find the space to allow real healing to occur.

Yoga and physical therapy combined, through medical therapeutic yoga, provide you with the tools to mindfully respond to your body so that you can heal yourself. But first…. Are you listening?


Heal Naturally

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