DNA Doc Foundational Bundle

Ensuring Essential Nutrients for Optimal Health: Your Ultimate Wellness Bundle

In an era where the integrity of our food supply is often compromised, essential nutrients can be elusive, making it a challenge to nourish our bodies adequately. Recognizing this gap, DNA Doc presents the Foundational Bundle, a meticulously curated selection designed to fortify your health against the deficiencies of modern diets. This complete collection stands as your shield, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of essential nutrients required for optimal health and vitality.

Empower Your Wellness with Our Handpicked Selection:

  • Multivitamin Pro: Amidst today’s dietary challenges, our Multivitamin Pro emerges as a beacon of complete nutrition, offering a unique blend of key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients with exceptional bioavailability. This formula is tailored to enhance your health, filling the gaps left by modern food sources. Recommended Dosage: 3 pills daily, recommended divided dosing

  • Multi-Mineral Complete: In response to the mineral-depleted soils of today, our Multi-Mineral Complete harnesses the finest chelated minerals for maximum absorption. This vital component of the bundle counters the nutrient scarcity in our diets, ensuring your mineral needs are comprehensively met. Recommended Dosage: 2 pill, twice daily, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

  • Omega Best: The pristine quality of our Omega Best addresses the crucial need for high-quality DHA and EPA, nutrients often scarce in conventional diets. This premium formula supports inflammation management and brain health, pivotal for maintaining cognitive function and overall well-being in the modern world. Recommended Dosage: 1 pill, twice daily, or as guided by your healthcare professional.

  • Vitamin K:D3: With Vitamin K:D3, we target the widespread deficiency in Vitamin D, exacerbated by indoor lifestyles and inadequate dietary sources. This blend is key to supporting mood, bone health, and immune function, vital components of a robust health foundation in today’s environment. Recommended Dosage: 1 pill daily or every other day, customized to your vitamin D levels.

The DNA Doc Foundational Bundle is not just a set of supplements; it’s a lifeline to optimal health, crafted to counteract the nutritional deficiencies of the modern diet. It represents a holistic approach to wellness, supporting all aspects of your health against the backdrop of today’s challenging food supply.

Join the DNA Doc Family: Where we understand the complexities of modern living and offer solutions that bring you closer to your health goals. Let the Foundational Bundle be the cornerstone of your journey towards a life of vitality and wellness, grounded in the best that science and nature have to offer.

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