Dr. Casie (Case) Saxion, PT, DPT, CSCS has over 10 years clinical experience working as a primary care physical therapist in tactical, industrial, corporate, and outpatient settings. Trained as a primary care physical therapist through the Army’s rigorous graduate program, she has a strong background in orthopedics, sports medicine, and manual therapy. She is comfortable working with a multidisciplinary medical team to expedite care and achieve best outcomes. Dr. Saxion is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Basic Life Support (CPR and First Aid) instructor. She is committed to providing high quality, individualized assessment, education, treatment and prevention of nerve, muscle, joint, and movement dysfunction to improve quality of movement and quality of life.

Dr. Saxion was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2014 and retired from the Army in 2017. No longer the hard-charging Army Medical Officer she once was, she remains passionate about service and improving health literacy in the Louisville community. Dr. Saxion believes in a whole person approach to healthcare, integrating elements of yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, and massage into clinical practice. Patients can expect compassionate one-on-one care from an experienced provider focused on restoring health and function and promoting independent management as quickly and effectively as possible. Her ideal client is motivated to return to an active and independent lifestyle. She will work with you and your medical team to create a personalized plan to help you better understand your body, work toward your goals, and learn how to care for your mind, body, and spirit.

Key Skills:

  • Professional Collaboration
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • Functional Dry Needling
  • Coaching and Mentorship
case in the mountains
case by the beach

When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, painting, long walks, hiking, volunteering, and fumbling her way through a myriad of home improvement projects. She believes in a holistic approach and has experienced first-hand the benefits of even small changes to diet, exercise, and mindfulness in her own life.

I will dance a little. I will move with the wind. I will celebrate that we have substance beyond the idea of ourselves. We can move. We can touch. This is my physical exclamation point. This is how I can awaken my mind to the possibilities in the day. -Mary Anne Radmacher

Persevere. Plan. Strategize. Focus. Breathe. Write. Let go: relax. Forgive. All this failing: take a nap. -Mary Anne Radmacher